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Day 4 Favorite Bias and Why?
ok so I can't even decide on who in like. I having enough issues with a few that are my bias wreckers. so I hate that I'm going to do this but list them in order. Don't hate me please!?
Jin he was the first one that i liked because one he was the oldest and two I found him attractive. I still do and I love that he loves the members and how he is the mom feeding his babies. Also Jin isn't big on sharing. Kookie mom doesn't like to share. I even know that with my mom.
Enter bias wrecker #1.....Jungkook this little one hit me like a ton of bricks. Reason he is really handsome. Reason why he is my bias wrecker well he is the same age as my brother and I can't fall for him. Kookie you are a baby go back to your crib. Do not give me that look.
Enter bias wrecker #2......Jimin this one. .....what can I say he gets to me all the time. How can this one man be cute and sexy at the same time? oh my heart! Jimin I know you hate when I say this but noona can't take this anymore. so stop.
Hoseok the reason why I like him is because his smile just makes my day. Just seeing smile or act sexy brightens my day.
Yoongi he is usually on my mind. I like him for how talented he is and part one and part two into songs give me so many feels.
Taehyung he is so random and that is what makes me fall for him. Plus with his deep voice oh yeah completely sold.
the reason Namjoon is the last one of because he is one of the best leaders in know. I'll be making a card about him sometime tomorrow. with him, he to is random in his on unique way.