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Okay confession time!

I've been a big fan of fast-fashion store Zara and today I found out they started a gender-neutral clothing line. I don't need anything at the moment but I was curious what kind of items they're selling. So, off I go to the homepage. Clicked on TRF and found the tiny link that said "ungendered". Once the homepage loaded I saw a couple modeling the basic wears. My first impression was it looks more like a campaign for couple looks. I was attracted to the basic wear because I think it really suits my lifestyle. Here's why:


I don't own enough sweatshirts so when I don't feel like wearing a button down or blouse I throw on my husband's t-shirts. It's comfortable and I like lounging around or running errands with a loose-fitted top (especially a sweatshirt).

No. 2

We're one of those couple who own enough similar color basic clothes that we end up matching unintentionally. There a saying, If you've been with a person for a while you'll also start to look like them. I guess that's true?
Anyways, I'm sitting here thinking. Why did I get curious and why did I open the homepage because I really love the tank top pictured above! It looks extremely comfortable to wear at home. I need someone to tell me not to get it!
Okay, now it's your turn! Ladies -- Have you ever steal your man's clothes? Men -- Have your gf or ex-gf ever steal your clothes?
Totally! I stole his favorite hoodie so much that he bought me my own :) Flip side of that is he steals some of my oversized flannels ALL THE TIME! Lucky for me, he always gives them back :)
Yes!! All the TIME
My ex bf and I used to steal each others' clothes. And honestly my friends and I steal clothes from each other too XD maybe it's a sign of affection?
@atmi thanks!! @nicolejb yay! I'm not the only one!
@shannonl5 Sign of affection -- I think that's a nice way to put it!
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