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Hello vingle family! Today was a pretty good day for me and as I was looking at my notifications I saw I was tagged in many cards dealing with @BBXGD I barely got to see one of her cards where she posted a video of her thanking us for supporting her. I was so close to crying but i manged to be strong cuzzzz "I'm strong baby" *inserts strong baby by seungri* hehe Anyways so I also saw a card where we were asked to post a picture of our hands in a "praying" position, which I will certainly do. And also this sorta plan to reach GD and the Big Bang members to ask them to meet this gorgeous and very strong women. God... I just really hope that combining our effort we can achieve this and give such amazing gift to her!
And it got me thinking well, rather than just commenting on her cards wishing her good health ... WHY DON'T I MAKE A CARD DEDICATED TO HER?!? So here I am just hoping to make her smile and feel better after she sees this.
To: This amazing women (@BBXGD) I... am at loss of words! You are just an amazing person. I enjoy seeing your cards, they are hilarious but really cool. And omg your fanfics!!! I can't believe you always leave us with a cliffhanger EVERY SINGLE TIME! Ughhhh just why do you enjoy torturing me like this?!? Haha but it's ok that's what makes your stories like a million times better. I just am always caught off guard with the things you write and what they characters do and say! Ugh you are simply an amazing writer. I realllyyyy want to see what else happens and how the story end buuutttt for that I (we) need you to fight! We need you to feel motivated and happy! cuz HAKUNA MATATA! HAHA I know it must be hard going through all of this and being scared that the treatment might not work etc. But just know that you have reasons to live! First of all you can't leave your 2 kids... they cant loose a beautiful mother like you yet! Secondly, you have us, your beautiful vingle family. You just can't leave us yet. You can't leave us without telling us what happens next in your story. And last but not least, you can't leave without getting to meet GD and the Big Bang members! If you loose this battle the oppas will be devastated! That is why I want to believe that if we all unite WE CAN! We can reach Big Bang, GD and Jay Park! These man need to meet someone like you, they need to know your story. My God... this is gona be long but I think im almost done... so continue reading ;) Well another thing is that I admire you so much you managed to endure those hard moments when you had that accident and now your here allowing us love and enjoy your cards and fanfics! Its true you are once again going through a tough moment, but I'm sure you will overcome it just as you always do. Not everyone is able to be positive and optimistic even when going through tough times... however, you are simply great for being one of those people that can, and for that I admire you. I believe in you and expect great news for you. Well now to end this loooonnng message, I have some news. Your fanfics have inspired me very much that I decided to *drum roll* WRITE MY OWN STORY! I am very excited to share this with the vingle family and especially with you! I already have a few chapters written but I still need a few details. I think probably next week I will post the introduction of the main characters, so please look forward to that! I wish I could share more info about my story but of course, I don't want to spoil it. hahah Anyways that is it my dear BBXDG. I really hope this puts a smile on your face! FIGHTING UNNIE! ~Jacqueline Gonzalez (@JackieG1617)
I think it's a little confusing as to why I named this card "My Fanart?"... well let me explain As I said earlier, I admire you... what does that make me?


So rather than posting pictures of fan art of an idol or celebrity I admire, I posted pictures of some art I did about you! It's vert simple but I made it with the hope that you like it. To me you are more than just a vingle user, I may not know you personally and I may still be very young (as you can see from looking at my baby-ish face on the last picture) but I know you are a strong women that never gives up. So keep fighting so you can continue being our one and only BBXGD! YOU ARE MY IDOL kamsamnida for everything. (I think I went a little overboard with the last 3 pictures haha but ehh what the heck, right!)
@JackieG1617 I got all choked up reading this. Thank you so much for posting this. Your card is beautiful. You are beautiful. Thank you for being apart of our community and our Vingle family, and thank you for supporting BBxGD through this. Please tag me in your fan fic. I would love to read it. @lovetop The 5th picture is for you. @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo @KwonOfAKind
@kpopandkimchi haha me too! Its incredible how much we all care for each other and support each other! This vingle community sure is the best! πŸ’–
@Misschimchim haha thanks πŸ˜‰ and yes FIGHTING πŸ’•
You guys are making me cry!!!! i freakinnnggg loveee this. i dont habe words of how to explain this. .. but a huge hug will be dedicated to you.. This is the most beautiful card ive seen.. i love the drawing. FIGHTING!!!!!!!? πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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