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Okay so far here are my thoughts on this..., Thank God that Migi is a good parasite to Shinichi and it's pretty obvious that they have to coexist with each other lol great! Now it's like their best friends or how ever you want to put it. Anyway I like Migi already she? he? is so cool lol I'm not sure of the gender for Migi; and she protects Shinichi. Shinichi doesn't want anyone to know about what happened to him or what's really going on. It's a secret for now.
Ya.. Shinichi has changed a lot! like seriously! Even his friends and family said that he doesn't seem the same like before. He used to be the nervous, weak, & scared Shinichi but now he's more stronger, seriously, chilled, cold, & fearless! His looks even changed! He went from average looking to HOT! lol wow.. but that's only because ever since he got stabbed in the heart by one of the parasites that killed his mom and took over her body, Migi had to save him and its self so parts of Migi is all around his body I'm guessing. So that's why he acts and looks the way he does. I'm currently on episode 8. Tell me why Shinichi threw away a dead puppie in the trash can >. < like why would you do something like that?? that's just weird. He really did change... I don't believe that puppy belongs there Shinichi..
The ship is already shipping between Shinichi and Satomi :) they are so cute together! ❤
This is wow.. like it seriously went from "Being scared" To..
"bish you thought I was scared of a wimp like you" he did that like a boss $$$ he's not laying one finger on him lol
So far it's getting really good :))) What do you guys think?
DARN SURE @hikaymm I really like this one, fun fact the manga is from the 80's... Wattttttt
I havne't watched this @.@ time to go @.@
Yeah it's really cool so far (I'm about where you're at) I really just wish that he'd try to have some feeling and make up with murano
It's an amazing anime. I hope Parasytes and humans could live together in peace. :'I
was a great anime with migi and shinichi. i liked the fights but it had no chill towards the people trying to live and they killed him mom like that!?!?! that was fucked up even tho that happen it was awesome
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