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I never understand how people can be so nice in the beginning like they are trying to make you feel comfortable and then boom! next thing you know you every card you make is being copied and you never really had any friends... yes! some of you guys go unnoticed, trust me... I used to be the one making top worthy cards, pouring my heart in them and getting nothing for it while another person makes a card of a single picture and everyone is amazed. worry not my sorry vingle friend! I'm with you to the end!...... from one looser to the other that feels that way, I feel you! I understand you! just know its not just you being ignored, forgotten,or be littled..... life is like this no matter what real or not. yes vingle has made me into something I'm not... it's no one fault, just my own. don't worry if someone follows you or not! just do what makes you happy! I don't fit in the real life...why would I fit in this imaginary one? ps. I'm not calling you a looser, I'm a looser lol
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I think people share other people art because sometimes they can't find photo like that not everyone have so many pages in the Internet I only have facebook and this app I don't like getting in on Google YouTube or any other pages. people share photos for that reason sometimes I know they get so many likes comments even people follow them but you don't know the reasons .... my opinion
ahh idk about the copying of my cards but I totally understand the one picture/many likes cards lol
I definitely know the feeling of reposts. I see people post stuff up time and again and sometimes just after someone else does, but that happens everywhere
@CallMeMsDragon I understand... had I done anything to be noticed I would have stoped long ago. most of the time I'm excited to share the news and let people know things because where am at I find out things first for (kpop) at least... so I like to inform. ... and I'm not throwing no stone lol I said that to kimchi because it was true at the point.
@InVinsybll and I'm saying that they can clip it right? like when you do something? Instead they make the same thing 5 minutes later lol. then your stuff goes unseen. but true, this is everywhere.