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They would be very disappointed.. ;-; What do you wanna be when you grow up? :D Are what's your goal? I'm facing many levels of difficulties in school and I think I wanna be a cosplayer if I ever succeed in life or something. I'm experiencing allot of stuff as I age time by time and day after day. Yeah, it's provably gonna be an artist, writer, or a cosplayer. Most people that are born with the Taurus Sign (halo xD) under their heads will most likely be one of the three.. I think :I
if that dude is cloud, how did he not at least get a blonde wig?
my latina mom never hated our cosplay as my sister,cousin and I attended the conventions they were like proud parents on prom night on the morning we would go lol... love my mom! ps. be who you want to be!
I probably won't make it for cosplaying but I do have a dream of being a video game designer or a Voice Actor for video games and Anime
It's funny, because my mom used to just roll her eyes at my cosplays. More recently, though, i showed her one of my favorite cosplays and she actually loved it and told me how great it looked! It just takes time to get that kind of recognition haha :) Also, you shoudl totally add this to the cosplay community!! XD
I had a dream.... lol but seriously I want to do a lot of things too. I wanted to be a singer in two different countries here and Japan! Crazy right? I wanted to be a Manga author and write all these stories in my head. Sadly it's hard to develop characters when they look like copies of my favorite anime and Manga characters.