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“Show Me Your Darkness!” by Lumina H. You, the little bundle of perfection I am intoxicated by your splendid reflection My eyes are roaming your all, ready for inspection But there was no detection of any defections. When I see your facial complexion I am sure of my convection You have possessed my entire affection Beauty is your protection, hearts are your ultimate collection. I need an injection, a medication to cure this mad infection Because you have won my heart’s election, I’m dying because you need no corrections Why?! Why?! Why?! Are there no imperfections from your projection? I crave a connection, ecstasy, electricity and erection. I need to hate you right now. Because how can I ever forget you if I can`t see your flaws?! How?! Don`t allow yourself to kill my soul! Anyhow! Just save me from this deep stormy pacific ocean! Somehow! Somehow! Somehow! Teach me my dear poisonous and sweet honey, to plough past your dangerous eyes Plough! Plough! Plough! Let yourself become my enemy, my grave nemesis Tell me your darkest secrets, so I can be judgemental, like Pride and Prejudice I want to smash your flawless reputation in my mind, so that my heart turns to paralysis I wish you had syphilis, so I can grab a reason not to kiss. Show me your darkness, let me find it Hidden under your rays of luminous light that you omit Oh, hit me hard! Bang me into the wall! Just admit you bit In my head, you bit me violently, when I sit, when we fit. Reveal! Reveal! Reveal! Every single dirt and grime and red blood of your spirit! Unseal! Let`s pretend that you have broken wheels, that you too, are real Because you lied to the world that you were unreal and surreal You peal away my sanity! My focus, you steal! Quit being my air, my water, my lungs, my meal! I`m crying, begging, dying, wishing, praying That`s why I need to seek all the reasons why I`m leaving I need to know that you are just as dark as I... I`m believing That someday I can finally find you disgusting, disturbing and annoying. I need, need, need to hate you right now Because that is the only way I could ever let you go anyhow. So my entirety, my bloody drug and my climatic ecstasy Darling, show me your night, your three AM, the bottom of your ocean, your reality Let the images of you in my arms no longer haunt and tempt me so desperately Let your darkness blind the stars of your eyes, so that you are just my enemy. My enemy, my enemy, my enemy... Stay away from me, my enemy... Never come back inside my head, mind or inside my body. I will kill you if you become my lover ever again, seriously. Because you, my enemy, my everything, my irresistible melody... Your perfection promised to destroy my life, my soul, my endlessly hungry body. Show me your pitch midnight darkness! Because if I find no black in your rainbows, I am forever a slave to you in my craziness Grant me happiness, your highness Allow me to despise you from now, so that life can be filled with easiness In forgetting who you are, in obtaining amnesia of what was “us”.