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Here is the first card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1471896?shsrc=v Pepero (Pocky) Game This may be super stereotypical of me, but I've always wanted to play this game with a guy! Goal Met! LOL!! I casually planned it, but played dumb at the same time. I brought a pack with me and casual left my purse open, so that he would see the box. Then, just as planned he saw and got all excited. "You like these?" <- him "Yeah, I was going to eat them with my friend in class." "Do you know how to eat them?" "No...how?" -me playing dumb (Of course I know!!)- "I'll show you." BAM! Life complete. P.s. We lost the game...there was nothing in between to measure
Coffee Stereotype! All day, everyday, coffee coffee coffee. An Iced Americano is a big fav of my bf and all his guy friends. And he loves~ to pay for coffee. Like he'll refuse to let me pay. Him: "My treat!" Me: "Give me my purse, so I can pay for it! (See first card for purse story. http://www.vingle.net/posts/1471896?shsrc=v)"
Stereotype: These things -> "~~~~" They really are used...a lot...like a lot A LOT.
Military The Korean military has 2 years of mandatory time that all guys must serve. This is 2 years of time spent without family and friends and is a lot of strenuous work. Plus side: 2 years of hard workouts=chocolate abs. Bad side: a lot of guys don't like talking about the military because it is not something they enjoyed.
Telling him you like Kpop and/or Kdramas! I was super nervous about telling him how obsessed I am with dramas and kpop, but when he asked how I knew some Korean and why I liked Korean stuff, I had to confess. He was pretty surprised (but hasn't seen me in full out fangirl mode), but he took it very well (Him: "Daebak~ so cute!!"). He doesn't like kpop as much as he likes Western music (the opposite of my musical taste. LOL!!), but he's okay when I play kpop (and he loves when I sing along). We've even watched a drama together, and he laughs cuz the subs are wrong sometimes. My advice: Tell a Korean guy in advance, he'll probably think it's cute.
Did I mention food? (Me trying to take a pic of my food, but whoops...too late...here comes some of his food.)
Details, details, details... I already mentioned this, buy I figure I'll stress it some more. He notices everything and wants to "care for you", so make sure that you have your life together. From chipped toenail polish, to a hang nail, to an eyelash out of place, he sees it all!!!! Which is kinda cute because it means he really cares.
@KpopGaby He's what I like to call loyal...and devoted...so, kinda clingy. Hahaha!! He and his guy friends who are in relationships are all like that, so I think it's normal for them. @Jinnyrod3 Deal! Come on over and I'll take you to the weekly dinner that they all go to. @ESwee Yay!! Kekeke 😄😄 @KpopQueenaBee Glad to help. I wish someone told me these things in advance. I'm only basing it off of a handful of guys that I know well, so that is possible, but hopefully not. LOL!
@CristalTrujillo Same! Hahaha!! @Jinnyrod3 Most of them don't have cars cuz they're only temp here, so I'll tell them to walk to you.👍
@katyng52 Close...ish. LOL!! It's where you each start eating from one end of the pocky stick and you measure the length of the piece left over right before your lips touch. It's hilarious between two male idols. But, we lost cuz there was nothing left to measure! Kekeke🙈🙊
@nicolejb My go to phrase: "Thank you Korean military." @MaggieHolm Thank you~~ kekeke @inuyashagal Me too! I can't stop blushing while I write them! @Jinnyrod3 Georgia, USA! in a Korean guy's appartement. There are about 10 regular attending single guys. LOL!!
@KpopGaby I thought that would be me but then he called my chagiya (honey) and I gave in. Hahaha! @ESwee That sounds like all of my friends now asking me for hookups. Hahaha!! @EmilyPeacock I mean his reaction has to be good cuz my oppas come before him (LOL!! Jkjk!!)
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