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Dating A Korean Guy IRL
Here is the first card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1471896?shsrc=v Pepero (Pocky) Game This may be super stereotypical of me, but I've always wanted to play this game with a guy! Goal Met! LOL!! I casually planned it, but played dumb at the same time. I brought a pack with me and casual left my purse open, so that he would see the box. Then, just as planned he saw and got all excited. "You like these?" <- him "Yeah, I was going to eat them with my friend in class." "Do you know how to eat them?" "No...how?" -me playing dumb (Of course I know!!)- "I'll show you." BAM! Life complete. P.s. We lost the game...there was nothing in between to measure
Coffee Stereotype! All day, everyday, coffee coffee coffee. An Iced Americano is a big fav of my bf and all his guy friends. And he loves~ to pay for coffee. Like he'll refuse to let me pay. Him: "My treat!" Me: "Give me my purse, so I can pay for it! (See first card for purse story. http://www.vingle.net/posts/1471896?shsrc=v)"
Stereotype: These things -> "~~~~" They really are used...a lot...like a lot A LOT.
Military The Korean military has 2 years of mandatory time that all guys must serve. This is 2 years of time spent without family and friends and is a lot of strenuous work. Plus side: 2 years of hard workouts=chocolate abs. Bad side: a lot of guys don't like talking about the military because it is not something they enjoyed.
Telling him you like Kpop and/or Kdramas! I was super nervous about telling him how obsessed I am with dramas and kpop, but when he asked how I knew some Korean and why I liked Korean stuff, I had to confess. He was pretty surprised (but hasn't seen me in full out fangirl mode), but he took it very well (Him: "Daebak~ so cute!!"). He doesn't like kpop as much as he likes Western music (the opposite of my musical taste. LOL!!), but he's okay when I play kpop (and he loves when I sing along). We've even watched a drama together, and he laughs cuz the subs are wrong sometimes. My advice: Tell a Korean guy in advance, he'll probably think it's cute.
Did I mention food? (Me trying to take a pic of my food, but whoops...too late...here comes some of his food.)
Details, details, details... I already mentioned this, buy I figure I'll stress it some more. He notices everything and wants to "care for you", so make sure that you have your life together. From chipped toenail polish, to a hang nail, to an eyelash out of place, he sees it all!!!! Which is kinda cute because it means he really cares.
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@DominiqueThomas Here is part 2!
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