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So if you're a pop culture vulture like me (and @CullenQuigley and @TessStevens, now that I think about it), chances are you're fully aware that Ariana Grande is strangely good at impersonating famous singers. She's done it for talk shows, TV spots, even at concerts and various other fan engagements, and every time, she seriously SLAYS.

Needless to say, when she hosted last week's SNL, the writing team was ready to give those impressions their time to shine!

It all begins when Tidal has some technical difficulties.

And with 30 seconds left before Tidal's Britney Spears collection goes kaputz, Chloe the Intern is asked to save the day.

What comes next is a medley of incredible numbers as she nails not only Britney, but Shakira and a few other popular artists!

Check out the video above to watch the whole short and watch Miss Grande in action!

And then let me know, how do YOU think she did?

I saw an interview with her later, apparently Celine contacted her after her impression, and was like, "after I heard you I peed a little." hahahaha
@LiviBelle Omg, her "SHALL WE GO FOR IT???" was totally Celine Dion though.
I AM A POP CULTURE VULTURE! hahahh I really enjoyed this. Not a huge fan of her, but her impressions are on point!
@danidee that's what she said? I just kinda stared at my screen when she did that like huh? lol
@Meeshell @TessStevens I'm the same way! You've got to give credit where credits due!
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