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well hey there! My name is Kaitlyn but I go by Kat! Some facts about me: - Im 5'4 or 162cm - I have naturally curly hair - I'm half Italian - I love music. it's one of my passions even tho I'm not very talented. - I'm a neuroscience major. - Netflix is my addiction - I am not a morning person. i tend to be very grumpy until I've woken up completely - I love to play basketball and baseball - I love hugs. My 2nd grade teacher called me huggy bunny. - I love to bake - I crochet Ship me with someone!
Rap Monster 😊 and you're really pretty and I like your hair!
WOW, you're so pretty! I ship you with J-hope or Daesung. also is crochet pretty easy? I knit so I'm just curious.
you're gorgeous 😍 jhopeee
@parktaemi @Moose1998 thank you so much!
its so tough! tbh you would look great with anybody...but i feel Jin or TOP...or Jackson from Got7 just because they would like people who are tall...i think its because i like tall men lol i dunno lol
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