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Okay so I'm not REALLY asking someone out this Friday but IF I was this is how you would do it :D

@0:45 - 금요일에 시간 어때요?

Do you have time Friday?

(keum-yo-il-eh shi-gan eo-ddae-yo?)

@3:04 - 이번 주 금요일에 만나요

Let's meet this Friday!

(i-beon joo keum-yo-il-eh man-na-yo)


금요일 - Friday


시간 - Time


어때요 - How is it?


이번 주 - This week (주 - week)

(i-beon joo)

만나요 - To meet/Let's meet


Is anyone going to use this phrase or are you all hanging out on Vingle with me Friday night? ahahhaha (~forever alone but never alone~)

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me, vingle and running man Lol
Instead of "금요일에 시간 어때요" can I also say "금요일에 시간 있어요"? With "있다"?
I will use these phrases some day but I will definitely be hanging out with you this Friday night ㅋㅋ
This reminded me that I need to learn days and months. Great card as usual!
Hanging out with Vingle as usual XD