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to be honest(,) no matter what place it is(, as long as) i am on the stage(,) I am always happy ^^ thank you to the PDnim who compiled the program ~ kyakya kyuhyun-ah(,) you should have spoke maliciously for the narrations ㅋㅋ you were really kind(.) Anyway(,) suju is the best ~b (1 hour ago) I couldn't take a picture with Siwon-hyung ㅠ I will be seeing him during Inkigayo this week so I will take (a picture with him) then ~!ㅋ It was really awesome today ~!!!!! Sukira's "Introduction to dating"*'s guest(,) Choi.Si.Won is the best ~~!! His acting was awesome(,) his voice was awesome (and) the episode was also awesome ㅋㅋ I love you Siwon-hyung~ *a segment of sukira. The segment name is different everyday (4 hours ago)