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Hotdurgers, yum! :)
Hotdurgers, invented by Tito from Rocket Power, are basically hotdogs on a burger bun. Cus burger buns and hot dog buns are the same kind of bun. Fun note: buns are basically just bread with crust all over. Lol, I love telling this to my "cut the crusts off my sandwich cousins"
This was the only good picture I could find. I approve of the number of dogs on this. Shows healthy appetite. So, later today when you are struggling to decide what you want for lunch, or, if you can't decide on whether to have a hamburger or hotdog, try the delicious and not at all nutritious, HOTDURGER!
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Wow wow wow !!!!
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This is so smart haha
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I'd love to do this with the veggie dogs and only 100 Cals!
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