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So we've got weed in your brownies, weed in your ice cream (believe me, I just Googled it), and now it seems that weed has gone into completely new territory - your liquor cabinet. Yes, thanks to Humboldt Distillery, weed-infused vodka is here, making the world a Grateful Dead concert one Bloody Mary at a time.
Okay, so SPOILER ALERT: It's only 0.3% THC, which means drinking this vodka will probably not get you high. Well, unless you drink a few bottles, but by then you'll be too busy puking you probably wouldn't even notice.
However, it will get you drunk, and Humboldt Distillery claims the small amount of THC will actually help you prevent that hangover. (Or at least lessen it a whole bunch.)
The company also adds that the vodka tastes great as a substitute for regular vodka or gin in a number of different cocktails. But considering that it tastes like weed, chances are it probably makes everything taste disgusting. (Not that I'd know what weed tastes like. I've just heard stories.)

What do YOU guys think about weed-flavored alcohol? Would you actually try this stuff? Do you think this will start a trend of weed-infused liquors?

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Ok. I'm all for cannabis being legalized. I'm the one that lives in a state where it is legalized, and the closest thing to "doing harm" is the amount of people that have moved here in the past couple years. But this just seems to be a bit much! But... if it's only for the hangover... there could be some truth to it. There were a few times that I've had too much to drink, but smoked at the same time, and never really got hang overs. I can't really say if that's the reason why, or if it was the fact that I was just barely of age to drink. Now, I don't really drink. So I wouldn't be able to test the theory, seeing as how I'd probably get a hangover from just a couple shots. There's no denying the medical properties of cannabis, though. I wouldn't doubt it can help with almost anything... for the right person. It's definitely not for everyone. And on the taste... if it's just the extract, it won't taste like it at all. And it's mostly just a "green" taste, if you're consuming it, not smoking it. It can have a variety of tastes when smoking it.
@ebethoven If they add it to tequila next, we're all really screweed.
I actually really love this. I looove to drink b/c I looove having fun! I'm a fun drunk who don't care about the worried in life, I will try anything. I'll still have common sense, but I'll try anything once. I've also smoked weed. I love that it helps with my rheumatoid arthritis and numbs the pain of blisters and aches. It's literally a medicine for me. Although, it's very hard for me to think of it that way b/c I live in a state where it isn't legalized yet. sighs outloud. but, for me, when I get cross faded -drinking while smoking- the effects of drinking while smoking, I belive, gets you more high; essentially the THC levels increase in your system. so, if this numbs the hangover in the morning. Aaand, I smoke more to numb my pain, I don't see a problem; I'm also very excited for this as well. haha, I forgot to mention that I do have a cannabis card and stuff, unlike half my friends.
whoa okay ..I can't even handle my vodka now u had weed to it great just great
This would be a great addition to a lot of cocktails. Could probably be substituted for basil in a lot of things.
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