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Okay very one so I bought this shirt online couple of days ago and it just came in yesterdy! aaaaaah its so freaken AWESOME!!!!!! to start there's two awesome things that I LOVE that are on this shirt and the thing I love about it someone out there thought about mashing it together and making these both things I love so much make me even LOVE THEM MORE!! haha Some of you already know that I am a huge Deadpool fan hahah but there's something probably alot of you don't know about me cause I haven't really posted much about it or even talked about it with any one here lol but I.LOVE.MUSIC. and I'm a drummer :) I've played drums since I was 7 heheh so yeah and I love just like any type of music hahah I won't get into much detail and about my music here I might just make another card for that topic :) but yeah So we have the awesome Deadpool Rocking out on Freaken DRUMS!!!! I saw the shirt and I had to buy it! So if any of you guys out there want this shirt? ▲▲Click the Link Above to Order▲▲ @LAVONYORK you could also get on a hoodie if you prefer that better :) let me tell you it is pretty pricy..... BUT come on now guys it's Deadpool playing drums hahah it's worth buying! :) @HiwaRasul @Captpeter @jannellvillanue @ChloeMesa11 @gabbycalzada @ThomasJennings @DestinyFox @AlisonGrace @EmilyPeacock @TylerCassalata @buddy854 @skygrinderdrive @JoelleMack @DustinEmerzian @DustinEmerzian @DianaTurcotte @JimenaChiquito @animeloverable @MikeyJBenedict @MarkStewart @tbanj97 @CalebOrr @tbanj97 @joemercardante @reaper412 @MadLikeHatter @ynah2002 @dimplequeen @xerokun @00JEDAs @NyghtOwl @RichardButler @natsu5 @DevilDreamer @joemercardante @Silverfang
That's so cool! Gotta wear the shirt when you play now
@shannonl5 hahah right lol x)