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Wednesday, we finally meet again.

Oh, how we all love good old hump day. The one day that reminds us we are halfway through the week. While hump day is usually associated with camels, the real idea of humping is being able to overcome obstacles you may be facing throughout your week. Whether you're struggling on your job, in school or even in general -- know that you're almost over the hump. When life gives you mountains, climb them. Once you reach the top, you'll feel like you can handle anything. It's those moments you stumble that make claiming the mountain and getting over those humps in life all the more rewarding. If you're willing to overcome those humps in life, keep scrolling to see a list of things worth getting over this hump day.

Get Over Self-Doubt

If you don't see the potential in yourself, no one will. Remove all traces of doubt from your mind and focus on being an overcomer.

Get Over Expectations

We all have them. No matter how big or small our expectations may be, leave them behind. They don't matter. Expect nothing and watch how many blessing come your way.

Get Over Yourself

As harsh as it sounds. Sometimes we exert more energy than need be in order to get a reaction out of something or someone. Relax, refocus and always be respectful.

Are you willing to get over the following?

@jordanhamilton its easier said than done lol i'm struggling with it but its worth a shot i guess? lol
Hmmm, that's definitely a good approach and way of looking at it. Getting to the root of the problem first. Never thought of it that way @sophiamor
I was actually just reading an article about mindfulness and it was talking about rather than dismissing and ignoring negative thoughts like self doubt, you should focus on it, and figure out the true root of this doubt - then you can work to improve that part of yourself and live with self confidence! Definitely changed the way I approached all my negative thoughts the rest of the say (and hopefully in the future)
Love this! I need a little hump day motivation :)
definitely easier said than done, but we will overcome our struggles at some point or another :) @sophiamor
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