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Let's face it ladies, we hoard things.

Our purses are evidence. The same bag that once kept your favorite lipstick and waterproof mascara safe, has swallowed your items hole and they're nowhere to be found. I mean who thought the oversize handbag trend was cool anyway? If you happen to find yourself losing every single time you place in your purse, maybe it's time that you take another route -- the more simplistic route.
Ladies, behold the girls night out survival kit. This survival kit isn't your everyday kit, but it will make your life all the more better. Kiss your devouring purses goodbye and get ready to create a survival kit that will easily become your best friend. If you're looking for a product that will keep your items secure and safe without become lost, look no further and keep scrolling. Your entire life is about to change for the better.

Loving it or not one bit?

Would you part with your purse for this creative survival kit?
Same here! That's always extremely smart and savvy @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton and you could use anything besides and eyeglasses case.
it would def be an exciting girls night activity! @jazziejazz
its cute... I would be a fun activity for girls night....
@EasternShell I always keep a makeup bag handy, but when it comes for other necessities I can lose them super quick lol I need to just place everything in ziplock bags, haha
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