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Hello! Welcome to Part 3 of Ice Princess. I hope you enjoy it!
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It hadn’t taken long for you to enter professional mode and move on to showing him samples, pictures, and sketches you had made. Not that he had paid any attention to the pieces of paper you were showing to him. You clenched your jaw as you watched him out of the corner of your eye. He had yet to put his phone down and you could feel your irritation growing. Not only had he rescheduled your appointment for three hours earlier than planned, at the very last minute you might add, but he had also had the audacity to actually ignore what you were showing him.
You bit the inside of your cheek and pulled out your tablet. If he wanted to play… then you were going to play. You quickly searched through your files until you found the one labeled ‘Princess Pink’. The picture was of a room you had completed a few months back for a celebrity’s daughter. This was the best way to see if he was even paying attention to what you were saying.
You angled your tablet so that he would clearly be able to see the picture and smiled. “I think this would be the best concept for the presidential suit. It is elegant and would be widely loved by women.” You paused and waited for his response.
“It’s perfect we will go with that.” He didn’t even bother looking up from his phone. You pulled up even more ridiculous pictures of rooms that you found easily on google and he proceeded to agree to using them. You could feel your anger rising with every agreement.
Irritated you snapped the cover back onto your tablet and started to gather your things. You had never met someone nearly as irritatingly unprofessional as this man. Your eyes rolled freely in your head as you thought about the fact that, just this morning, you had been wondering if you would see him again at your next ball. Now? Now you realized you had temporarily lost your mind. How could you have even shown interest in such an unprofessional, irritatingly rude, and completely clueless man? When you had finally packed all of the papers back into their folders, you stood up and cleared your throat. “When you are ready to actually have a meeting and not just stare at your phone like a teenage girl then please give my company a call. I do not have time to sit here all day and wait for you to act professional.” It wasn’t until the sound of your heels clicking against the marbled floor echoed through the room, that he finally realized that you were walking away.
“H... Hey!” He jumped out of the chair and moved to follow you. “We still have work to do.” He reached out and grabbed your arm just like he had done at the party the night before.
You roughly pulled your arm away from him and shot a glare in his direction. “We never even started.” You shot angrily.
He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head. “No we picked a few good ideas.”
You couldn’t help but laugh. “Oh yes, your customers would love having a 6-year-old little girl’s idea of a great room as the presidential suit and floors two through five decorated with dinosaurs, dragons, Mario Brothers, and unicorns.”
He looked at you confused for a moment then shook his head. “I never agreed to that.”
You scoffed and shook your head. “I’m sorry Mr. Taecyeon I cannot have a meeting with someone who is not even sure what they are agreeing to. I would not like to apply a theme to a room that you would be unsatisfied with. This doesn’t seem like a good time as I see you are busy.” You bowed. “Now if you will excuse me, I have another appointment.” You turned on your heels and headed straight for the door, wondering who you could pawn this job off on. You decided you would be happier if your path never crossed with his again.
Your day had seemed never ending. After the issue with Mr. billionaire this morning you had had nothing but bad luck. No one wanted to take on the project and you were informed you would be stuck with the task no matter how hard you had tried to get out of it. It looked like as soon as you had left, Taecyeon had called your boss and told him that he wanted to keep you as his designer. He would not work with the company if you were not assigned to every project he requested. This had only ended in your blood boiling and you wondering why he wanted to torture you.
The driver pulled into your driveway and you got out. Nothing sounded better than taking a nice hot bath then going to bed. You were not looking forward to meeting with Mr. Rude and Rich the next day. Unfortunately, you didn’t even have to wait that long. You checked your email on your tablet as you headed to the kitchen. A glass of wine sounded fantastic with your bubble bath, and you didn’t want to have to come down again and meet with your mother. Having your purse and things still in your hands gave you an escape to your sanctuary once she started on you about marriage and babies.
You walked through the kitchen door and almost instantly ran into what you thought was a wall, your tablet smacking you right in the face. Scrunching up your face you pulled the offending device away from your nose and looked up at the ever grinning Taecyeon. You screamed involuntarily and backed yourself into the door. “What are you doing here?” You asked. You had dropped all formalities and were now sure he had become a stalker.
“Y/N! That is no way to treat our guest!” You looked over his shoulder at your glaring mother. Of course, his being here could only be the work of one conniving woman. Apparently she had taken a liking to him and you came to the conclusion you would be seeing more of him than you wanted to.
You pushed your way passed an amused Taecyeon and stomped up to your mother. “What is he doing here mother?” You hissed in a whisper.
“I want grandbabies and he is cute.” She stated simply only causing you to groan in dismay.
“I would never have ‘babies’ with that rude, unprofessional, irritatingly obnoxious jerk if he was the last man on earth.” You shot back.
“Seems I have made quiet the impression.” You spun on your heels a bit startled. You hadn’t realized he had made his way just behind you.
“Look here unicorn boy, I have no interest in decorating your hotel or marrying you so just back off.” You looked up at him glaring.
“Unicorn Boy?” He started to laugh and shook his head. “Cannot say I have heard that one before.” He smiled down at you and you felt your irritation rising again. He was trying to push your buttons, he wanted to make you angry. But why? Why continue to try and upset you if he wanted to marry you like every other money hungry jerk out there. Maybe he didn’t want to marry you so he hoped you would end your mothers ranting and raving and let him have some peace if he kept pissing you off? He placed his hand on your lower back causing you to stiffen as he smiled at your mother. “I would love to accept your offer Ma’am.”
“Offer?” Your entire world froze. She did it again? “What offer mother?” You hoped that there was some kind of business offer they had been discussing and it had nothing to do with her going back on her word and once again trying to sell you to some rich snob. You tried to push Taecyeon away and move to get closer to your mother but he wrapped an arm around your waist. “Yah! Let me go!” You pushed at him but he only smirked.
“We will be going then.” You didn’t even get a chance to protest or get any answers before the very tall man pulled you out of your own house and put you into his car.
“Where are we going?” You demanded.
“On our first date of course.” He answered like he had just stated the simplest and well known fact to all of humanity. You were so thrown off that you weren’t even sure how to respond. What in the world was happening? What did he and your mother agree to? And why in the world did he think you would agree to date his rude and irritating self?
The thought of jumping out of the moving car crossed your mind, but as if sensing your thoughts, he locked the door and turned to you a smirk on his lips. “So do you want to eat French or Italian?”
Sooooooo as you can see this story has taken on a mind of it's own and I can honestly say it can no longer be called a short. This will not be a full blown story like Diamonds or 1234 but I am sure there will be one or two more parts to this one. (Don't want to give you all a horrible ending... well at least if I didn't intend to do so at the beginning.)
As always thank you for reading my story and I hope you are enjoying it. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be bouncing around to different groups often and if you are only interested in being tagged in one particular group or groups then please let me know, otherwise you will be tagged in all of my work.
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