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Lent will be over next week.

But I have decided that I will be vegetarian for much longer than that. For those of you trying to catch up on my vegetarian journey, I have made a collection of cards titled 'Kinda Vegetarian, Totally Latina,' where I have been documenting my meat-less experiences.
I vowed to give up eat for Lent (including fish), but I am stretching the no-meat pledge for much longer. For how long? I am not sure.
At the very start of this journey, I was having a hard time. I was missing meat, I was feeling tired, and I was sort of stumbling into this new diet blindly. However, things have ironed themselves out, and this is proving to be much easier than I thought it would.
As someone who likes her steaks with a little bit of blood in it, and as someone who fans herself by the greatness a beef cheeseburger emits -- I am handling this pretty well. Honestly, I am still having dreams about pork-chops and burgers, but I hope those steamy dreams will go away in time.

The Veggie Community

I have been looking for tips, recipes, and advice from fellow veggies in the internet world, and there seems to be a lot of really positive and peaceful vegetarians and vegans alike. Although, I'd say I am disappointed by spiteful people that are pretty popular (like Freelee on YouTube).
However, I have learned that people who bully other people for their lifestyle or diet choices, aren't a fair representation of an otherwise positive group.
One thing I learned from my boyfriend is that if you want to set an example and influence another person's life, it can't be in a way that's hateful or cruel. The other day he said, "all you can do is just set a example. When we try to influence people in a way that is hurtful or cruel, they won't be interested in considering your side. Actually, it becomes the opposite of that."

Anyway, I have a lot to learn. I am just really glad that this experience has been pretty positive (and totally doable!)

Check out some of my food in the past week:

I am currently following the IIFYM diet, and my food has been sort of boring as of late. Woops!
Of course!!! You're very welcome :)
@jordanhamilton for sure! And thank you for being one of my vegetarian supporters :-P
I agree with you! I don't think it's evil either, I just made the personal choice to give it up. But focusing on yourself and your choices is always the best. Same thing I'm in the process of doing @alywoah
@alywoah really? how did u cook urs?
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