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Hey Vingler's its Who Do You Ship Wednesday! This weeks anime is My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU! In this anime there are 3 potential beauties to ship with the realistic yet very understandable Hikigaya Hachiman! So my question is...... Who Do You Ship with Hachiman?!
Yui Yuighama! Yui is in the same class as Hachiman but isn't noticed by him until she becomes the very first costumer of the Service Club and then later on becomes a memeber. Yui is a cheerful and outgoing girl. Even when she's sad or upset she always has a smile on her face in public. Yui likes how Hachiman and Yukino can speak their minds freely which is the main reason for her joining the Club. Yui is a smart and sweet girl. I like how she can be so cheerful even when she is sad which shows how strong she can be with her feelings. I think she compliments Hachimans rather isolated and harsh realistic personality. I think she might be too sweet for him though because we all know well very well that Hachiman can be quite a D#*! sometimes lol.
Yukino Yukinoshita! The girl from Class-2J and also the President of the Service Club! At first she was the only memeber in the club until Hachiman joined. Yukino is smart, beautiful, and comes from a wealthy family, but she has a tendency to be blunt and often points out faults in other people. Yukino has many good skills such as Sports, Cooking, Leading and is very good in school. She seems mean but once you get to see her love for Cats and Stuffed Pandas, she's not as bad as you think. Even though she comes off too honest she still cares about the persons feelings and how the think. Yukino is the only oerson Hachiman has tried to befriend twice and Hachiman isn't the type to have friends. I like how Yukino also compliments Hachima because she seems mean but isn't and thats how Hachiman is too but just doesn't show/care to reveal it. Plus of we notice they were both loners until they staryed to work together in the Club and little by little they started to be more and more like themselves (even though they already spike their minds freely lol) I feel like in the end Yukino and Hachiman will be together (And i hope so because this is my ship lol).
Iroha Isshiki! Isshiki is the current Student Council president & the Club Manager of the Soccer Team. She is a first-year student of class 1-C. Isshiki was recommended as a candidate for the Student Council President as a prank. Out of her dislike of being forced into that role, she filed a request to the Service Club in order to not get elected and yet not lose in an embarrassing way. Yui later then thanks to The Service Club wins Student Council President and is convinced by Hachiman to accept the position. Yui then spends most of her time in the Service Club but isn't an official member though. Isshiki is quite a feisty little trickster and her personality is kind of similar to Hachimans when it comes to being harsh but I think that if we took in consideration their equal traits they would make an ok couple. But sometimes being the same doesn't work and thats what Im worried about this ship sadly.
All these girls have a chance to be Hachimans Girl! So Who Do You Ship with this once isolated yet cute Service Club Memeber? @BlackoutZJ
Iroha! I want that to happen >_<
Honestly I would go with Yui!
Iroha is the Catwoman to Hachiman's Batman and Yui completely negates Hachiman's Asshole nature with her Lively and Charming personality lol
I Ship Iroha and Hachiman but in the same sense I also Ship Hachiman and Yui lol
@RoronoaLuffy Welcome to the team! lol
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