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hmmm difficult to pick but..................... maybe.........zombies aren't that bad
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Sides..If I we're to turn into a vampire..I think i would survive..
Vampires, because "I am a fuck mothering vampire, and have killed a lot of people to get this title, I deserve to be called such!" ~ Alucard, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged I'm sorry, I had to.
I'm not sure but if I where in my anime from id be a Techno-organic( half human half transformer) so doesn't matter wich world I was in because the Titans couldn't eat me, my body would brake there teeth. If I want to the vampire world I don't think they would like the taste of inergone, the ghouls wouldn't bother me because I'd have a spark and not a soule, and the zombies like the Titans wouldn't be able to brake my skin lol
I'm not sp sure but Vampires!
vampires! but what anime is the vampire one from???