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Two Truths & A Lie: Thor Style

How well do you know Thor?

Last week's Mystique was a tough one! This week we'll be featuring one of our favorite Avengers... Thor! I'm going to tell you three facts about him, but one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments and next week we'll see the answers!
1. He was briefly on Hitler's side during WWII.
2. In a non-canonical crossover he beat Superman
3. He spent some time as a frog in Central Park.

Did you guess last week?

1. Originally she was Rogue's mother, but this was changed for continuity. LIE
2. She met Logan in 1921 in Mexico. TRUTH
3. In the comics, she refuses to look in a mirror. TRUTH
A lot of you said that #1 was a lie... but can you say why? Originally Mystique wasn't Rogue's mother, she was her father. Rogue was originally conceived when Mystique and Destiny were in a relationship, but because of the Comics Code Authority their relationship couldn't be overt. It was eventually scrapped, which meant Rogue's origin needed to be changed.

Good luck this week!

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1. Lie
2 years ago·Reply
first one is a lie. Hitler is evil.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm sry y'all but 2 is a lie. He did help Hitler at first. They tricked him. They told him that they were his worshippers and they needed his help. I don't think he actually beat Superman but he did spend time as a frog if my memory is right.
2 years ago·Reply
@FrankNunezIII it was #1! :D
2 years ago·Reply
Definitely going with #2 here. I recall Superman needing backup in JLA/Avengers but he did win that fight.
2 years ago·Reply