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So i just created a new Wattpad since i wanted to checkout... why not. And so this will be the first story i will be posting there. It's a chapter story surrounding you and the BTS members. I will not spoil the story but i have to add a brief description:
The story is based the fact that you see a group of boys just laying there on the ground sitting close to each other. They each look at you with a serious expression as if asking what were you looking at. They looked very mature and like they didn't play around too much. They kept their eyes at you and you just asked if something was wrong. Realizing that nothing was to happen or that you weren't going to do anything to them they answer your question with a wide smile and open hands.
"Everything's fine. What's your name?". Jimin asks first
"My name's (N/Y), what are you guys doing here in the middle of the night?, are you guys lost?, do you know where your houses are?"
"Houses?, no we're brothers, we live together". Taehyun answered with a smile.
"Oh, i see. Do guys need help?"
"Actually, um, we left the house..... we didn't want to be there anymore." Jimin said with a low head.
"It's complicated"
I hope you guys enjoy when i post the finished story on WattPad ^_^. or do you want me to post it here instead? cuz i can
if you can post it here too that would be awesome! +_+
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what is your wattpad user name?