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I logged into League of Legends yesterday, and I was greeted with a prompt to check out the new Hextech Chests. I wrote about these chests coming to league before the season started, and now they've finally gone live on the client.
So I popped open the prompt and saw that little chest guy that you see right up there. So far, so good...
So I pop open the chest that is given to all players free, with the attached key, and this was the reaping I got from it.
A Muay Thai Lee Sin Skin Shard
A Sad Mummy Ward Skin Shard
800 Orange Essence
Okay, so... cool? I guess? I have part of a skin for a champ and part of a skin for a ward, and some weird orange stuff.
What now though?
I didn't manage to take a screenshot of the actual act of using the essence to make a full skin out of the shard, but you can see in this screen that I went from 800 essence to 125. As it turns out, essence is the material you use in order to turn shards into full things.
Who'd a thunk?
There's also a tab there for Blue Essence, but I haven't gotten any of that so I don't know what it is used for. When I find out I'll talk about that.
Anyway, I think it's pretty neat in general, this new feature. It adds extra incentive to doing well in your matches, because to unlock key shards and chests and such, you or a teammate need to achieve an S rank in matches.

So I guess I gotta go out and get those.