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WARNING: Mature content

*The previous evening* I can't believe they forgot to leave a pillow in my room. Towels maybe, but a pillow? I get to the reception desk. "Excuse me." "May I help you?" "Yes, I'm in room 2035 and I don't have a pillow. Any chance you could send a maid up there with one? I'd take it now but I'm going to the bar here. So anytime someone could do that would be great." "Of course. Room 2035?" "Yes. Thank you, I appreciate it. Though not sure if I'll even realize if it's there by the time I make my way back there. Like I said, I'm heading to the bar." I laugh, I've always liked joking with people. He chuckles. "Try to behave." "Oh of course. I'd hate to make trouble for you or any other workers at this hotel. Anyway, thank you very much." He smiles. "Have a good night." "Will do." Nothing better than leaving someone with a smile on their face. Even if it's fleeting. "Excuse me!" I look back to see a man walking to catch up with me. I stop walking. "Yes?" "I overheard you say you were going to the hotel bar. Mind if I join you?" "Not at all. It'd be nice to have some company besides just talking to random people. Though, you're also a random person, but at least you seem to want to talk to me instead of being forced to listen just because you're sitting near me." He laughs. "Yeah, I'd like to have a drink with you so talk all you want." "Well I talk a lot so I hope you won't regret your decision." "Probably not." We start walking. I'm glad someone will be joining me. "So I should probably know the name of the person who's willing to listen to my ramblings." "You don't know me?" "Have we met?" He looks a little confused. "No? I'm just surprised you don't recognize me even a little. I'm Jung Hoseok." "Okay?" Why should I know him? "Also known as J-Hope? I'm a fairly well known rapper here in Korea; well I thought I was." "Oh! Sorry, nice to meet you! I'm not from here so please forgive me. I'm Korean American, I'm just visiting family. I'm a little ignorant when it comes to celebrities here." He's a little surprised, but his face shows a small amount of relief. "That's okay. I kind of like that anyway. I'll just be Hoseok tonight then, instead of J-Hope. So who am I joining for a drink?" "I'm Kim Boram, it's a pleasure to meet you Hoseok." "Ah, the pleasure is all mine." He's kinda cheesy. We walk into the bar, sit down, and order our drinks. "So you're American?" "Sure am. My mom and dad were born in America and my grandparents were from Korea." "That explains your accent." "There's some words I have trouble pronouncing, but I try my best to not sound like an idiot." "You don't. I just noticed your accent that's all. Where are you from?" "A small town not terribly far from Minneapolis in Minnesota." "Minnesota?" "Yes. It's really north and sort of by Illonois. Not too long of a drive to Chicago if that helps get an idea of where it is. People remember Chicago, yet seem to forget that Minneapolis is something of a hotspot as well." "I see. Cold there?" "In the winter, yeah. We can get up to a couple feet of snow in a night and many days it's below zero." "Damn." "Yeah, it can get a little rough. But it's worth it. Minnesota is known to have some of the most welcoming people you can meet in the US. They call it Minnesota nice." He smiles. "You do seem pretty nice." I laugh, I can still have my moments of rudeness, but it's good to hear I'm nice. "I try to be most the time. I'm sorry, I told you I'd talk a lot. What about you, where are you from?" "Gwanju. And don't worry because I'm asking you to talk. I get sick of talking about myself sometimes, and to hear about someone else would be nice. Sometimes it's more entertaining to hear other people's stories than to constantly tell your own." "I could see how that would get boring. I'd ask you about your career, but you said you want to be normal Hoseok tonight." "Yep. I'm a rapper and dancer. That's all there is to know about that for tonight." "You dance?" He holds a finger to his lips. "Shh. Yes I do. But we're leaving it at that remember?" I look at him up and down. "You're pretty lean. So are you more into maybe, krumping or pop and lock styles. You seem like that'd be your preference." Oh god, his face, priceless. He looks so shocked by my conclusion. It was just a slightly educated guess, but I take it I was correct. "Am I right?" "Yes actually. Do you dance or something?" I sigh. "Yeah. Well, I did. But once I got out of high school I had to get a job that paid so I had to move on. I still do a little just to keep in shape, but that's about it. I never had that special something that was going to get me any money. So if I wanted to survive I had to leave it behind. I remember wanting to grow up so bad. That's got to be the greatest misunderstanding of youth." "That's too bad. But at least you still do it. You must enjoy it a lot." "I love it. It's about the only thing I can be creative with. I can't paint, write or do anything artistic so that's all I have as a form of expression." "I bet you're better than you think." "I'm good but not good enough. I was never afraid to perform in front of people, I just wasn't good enough to make it." "I get it. It's a tough game." I take a large drink, shouldn't try to forget the trials of growing up by using alcohol, but oh well. One night won't hurt. "It really is. Anyway, enough walking down the depressing side of memory lane." He rubs the back of his neck. "Ah, yeah, sorry about that." "Not your fault, I just kept talking about it. So how old are you?" "In America I'd be 21. You?" "I'm 23." "I know this is pretty random, but what was it like being a teenager in America? Seems like things get pretty crazy there." "Oh man. Well most people don't live like they show in movies or music videos if that's what you mean. That's Hollywood." "Then what's it like?" "I came from a small town. We had little to do besides goof off in the woods." He looks confused. "In the woods?" I can't help but laugh. "Yes the woods. Like trees, bugs, and animals. A lot of times we'd ride four-wheelers or snowmobiles in the winter. Or we'd go to a lake and fish." "Really? That sounds fun and you did it a lot? What else?" Is it that interesting? Maybe he's just so used to city life that what we do so often is sort of strange. "A lot of times we'd find a way to get our hands on some alcohol, stay out there over night on weekends, and get drunk around a campfire." "Sounds fun to be a little rebellious in such a simple way." "It is, but it gets old sometimes. I always wished there was more to go out and do in town. Choices were slim, not much to honestly do besides get drunk or smoke weed." "Weed?" "Yeah. Most of my classmates at the time had smoked it at least once or twice. But a good portion smoked it almost daily." I laugh a bit as I remember. "Some would even show up to class high after lunch. They never really got in trouble as long as they didn't smoke it on school grounds, but the teachers would give them a hard time." "It's so different there. I couldn't imagine what would happen to a kid showing up high to class where I went to school. It's seriously illegal here so I can't believe that people just looked the other way." "I know something that you might find interesting. In my school we had drug dogs go through the hallways two, occasionally three times a month." "Seriously!" "Yep. They'd do it during class and no one could go in the hallways. When we heard them bark we'd always laugh and try to figure out whose locker it was just from which hallway it was in." "So it was funny for someone to get caught with drugs and get in trouble with the police?" "Only because the kids were dumb enough to take it to school. And they never went to juvenile hall or anything because of it. Unless they kept getting caught with it." "Wow. You're school was a bit crazy." "Maybe to you, but to us it was normal." "So did you ever smoke?" I laugh a little. "Yeah I have. Not a lot but I did a couple times. It usually didn't go well for me." "What do you mean?" "Most people get relaxed, hungry, and the giggles. I only had that happen once, and the other two time were absolute hell for me. A lot of anxiety and paranoia. Not to mention the effects didn't wear off until nearly twelve hours later." "Huh, that's some pretty intense stuff." "Yeah, the people I knew only smoked the "good stuff" since they dealt, but it wasn't too great for me. I laugh about it now, but it still managed to keep me away from it. I drank more often than I smoked. But I didn't drink much either for that matter. I stayed out of trouble for the most part." "Kid's have a lot of access to drugs in America?" "Definitely. Everyone knows somebody who's got the hook up. Hell, some kids get it from their parents." "Their parents!" I giggle. I shouldn't laugh at him, but his shocked face is too cute. "Yes. To be honest my mom was a bit of a rebel and never really grew out of it completely. I didn't realize until I was older, but she still smokes it now and then. So even some parents still have a little fun." "And you tell me America isn't like the movies. Seems pretty crazy even in a small town." "I guess you're right. America's definitely a wild child type of country when you compare it to others." We talked for a long time. Most the time just telling stories about what really happens in our respective countries versus what is shown in the media or in movies. Not sure how many drinks we had, but it was enough. I was a bit more than buzzed, a little less than tipsy and he seemed to be in the same state. "I think we should call it a night since the bar closes soon. I'm sure you've got places to be." He pauses in thought. "I do, but I don't think I'll get in too much trouble if I stay out a little later. I'll just text one of the guys to get him to cover for me for a while." "I don't want to cause you any problems." "You're not. I'm choosing to deal with getting reprimanded in exchange for some more time with you." "Ah, I feel so special." He winks. "You should. So what room are you in?" "Straight to the point. You don't waste any time." He laughs. "I don't exactly mean it that way, but the bar closes soon and my room is filled with guys from my group so there's not much of a choice." "Fair enough. Let's get going then."
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oohhhh Hobie, straight to the point 😉
Sorry for being a late reader but I like it . The conversation is a bit weird to me because during my time of growing up I had never experience it. So there's a lot to learn from this story for people like me !
@CallMeMsDragon That's not every small town haha I can only speak for mine XD
Loving the story! My hs life was boring but that sounds more like my college experience! I was out in the country and that's all we could do lol
oh the teen life haha
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