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I think it's safe to say that I hate my job. I absolutely dislike it. 100% forever, full success. That being said, it might be confusing to you that I absolutely love Job Simulator 2050. Now, I've never played it and I've only found out about it earlier today but it still looks like something I want to play.
I went into watching the video thinking the game would be some kind of menial task manager. I assumed it would have objectives like: Finish that excel spreadsheet, send your receipts to John in accounting, or try to talk to your boss about taking off on Friday because this is the one weekend you get to have your daughter and it's her birthday so you want to make the most of it.
But boy was I wrong. This isn't some post-modern office simulator. It's not trying to tell you to take advantage of every day like it's your last... Or actually, maybe it is.
If you watch the short trailer above that puts you in the "shoes" of an office worker. You can easily see no office work is getting done. You're not filling out spreadsheets, you're not faxing receipts to John in accounting, and you're not talking to your boss about your relationship with your daughter and how it barely resembles an actual relationship.
Instead, you're throwing around coffee cups. Putting staplers in the copy machine to make another stapler. You're chucking your phone into another cubicle because who cares about working in an office? No one. Well, there are some people who care a lot about this sort of thing because their value only comes from validation from others and where else can you get that after you're finished with school?
In an office, ya dumb dumb. Come on, keep up.
Job Simulator also offers a couple of other jobs including gourmet chef and car mechanic. One could say that Job Simulator 2050 is the first game to truly include a [drum roll, please] a game mechanic.
Job Simulator 2050 will be released on Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR at one point or another. Until then, call your daughter after work. Be a goddamn dad for once.
lol, your summary was hilarious @paulisadroid in an office you dumb dumb, keep up. lol. that looks fun though, I haven't gotten any hands on time with the new VR tech, but I'm kinda biding my time, I know all these first generation equipment will be outdated in a few years, and I can save for the next one, when the get the full dive gear working ;)
Hahaha sounds like a hilarious game. Definitely checking it out~