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This is getting real, everyone start preparing for the fight for the tickets!!!
ok guys tomorrow they will announce how much the tickets will be and benefits!!!!Im not sure if this includes the date tickets will be on sale but ill keep you guys updated!!! Tagging people who commented on my last card about GOT7 tour: @chenisbaekasy @lopleaf19 @Dabaesaplayer @ivyheart13 @IsoldaPazo if you want to be untagged let me know!
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@IsoldaPazo Ill tag you if you wish :)
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thank you
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@SusiBosshammer which concert are you going to see? I'm in LA wouldn't it be cool to meet up and hang before or after the concerts with vingle fam
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@ivyheart13 Im going to LA too!
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@SusiBosshammer asssa!!!!!! lol I can't wait till july!
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