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Art done by kartasmita ♡

It's certainly an interesting way of looking at the events that transpired...a lot of obsessive behavior...must be love 😀 @NinjaMouse
@AnimeLove300 wtf!?!?😰😂
Sasuke: I'm sorry but there's someone else Sakura: 😠 who? Sasuke:....Naruto..... Sakura: 😐 Sasuke: I had my doubts after our first kiss, but now I'm sure he is the one....because he waited.... Sakura: But I waited too...😧 Sasuke: yeah, but you didn't really do anything about it 😒 actions speak louder than tears...I mean he took punches for the face...his beautiful face.... Sakura: but...😣 Sasuke: and he didn't turn me away even after I told him the truth about Itachi, how I'm still in love with him...and He's open to a 3-way, Sakura!!! A 3 way!!!! Sakura:(*´>д<) I just walked into something dark Sasuke:'ve walk into something wonderful...Embrace it Sakura: So there's no chance? 😞 Sasuke: I'm sorry that I can't love, but this is who I am Sakura: (〒︿〒)
@xxJxx her face looks masculine
@shadoheart @Fromtheheart remember sakura do not have boobs
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