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The Oculus Rift is launching at the end of this month (March 28th) and they just announced a slew of games that'll be available for those of you who can afford it/have PCs that can run the fucking thing. There are a couple on the list that look extremely interesting and make me wish that I had money or a rich friend to hang out with in order to try them out.
Instead of just putting out a list though, they released a two minute video showcasing all of the games that will be available to you on release day.
Some of these games, I don't understand. It's not like they're math games or anything like that, it's just that I don't know how the Oculus Rift will improve the gaming experience. If you watch the video above you'll see that there are a couple 3D platformers included in the group of launch titles.
And I don't know how these games will be any different if we were to play them without the VR capabilities. In my opinion it seems like those games are filler for the ones that people will actually want to play.
For me, all of the games that included an in-the-cockpit view of a spaceship are must plays. I mean, I don't know how many times I've said I wanted to be an X-Wing pilot and it looks like this is probably the closest I could get. Elite Dangerous and all the EVE titles coming out for the Rift look like they be the perfect game for me to spend all my time playing.
But on a completely different but somewhat similar note. The sci-fi first person exploratory game, Adrift looks like another experience I would enjoy. From what I understand, it's about traversing a space station as the last survivor (or something) and themes of loneliness and isolation are ones that really get me going.
Are there any games you guys wish you could enjoy? Or if you're one of the few that can afford it, is there anything you plan on picking up once you get your Rift? Let me know in the comments!
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Lmao! What @InVinsybll said! Pinball?! Really?! Shooters, racing games, some puzzle games, and anything first person would be good on this thing. Pinball just doesn't strike me as a game that people would play much of on it, though. There was a racing game in there that reminded me of F-Zero... That's one I would love to play in first person on this! I don't like shooters, especially FPS, but it might actually be fun with this thing. That horror game looks really good, too. And again, this is all depending on whether or not I can even play these things. Aaand... of course, the games I would wanna play on this are Final Fantasy games! (Who woulda guessed? Lol) Although... I could see myself rolling up a bunch of stuff in a Katamari game! That would be so much fun!
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