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So for my English 132 class, we are writing a research paper on anything that interest us. My teacher to help us gave us the statement "Being in America." She said to fill in the blank and go about things that way. I was debating between writing about being vegan and being a kpop fan. in the end kpop won. (doesnt it always)
I have come to you beautiful, smart , all knowing people! I know this is a way to get a lot of info and material that would be really good for me to work with SO I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT IF YOU GUYS COULD COMMENT: - SOMETHING BIG PEOPLE DONT USUALLY KNOW ABOUT KPOP -SOMETHING THAT SUPRISED YOU ABOUT HOW THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS THERE COMPARED TO WHERE YOU ARE -SOME ARTICLES OR MATERIAL YOUHAVE FOUND THAT TALKS ABOUT SOME OF THIS STUFF. FOR EXAMPLE, THE CARD @MadAndrea made find it here -ALSO, I WANT TO KNOW HOW OLD YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU LIVE { so I can talk about all the different people this beauty brings together!} -if there are cards like @MadAndreas you know about could you tag me in the comments of that card!! or if you know of a article could you post a link in these comments!
Finally done working in my room, so here are my thoughts on the differences between American and Korean music. K-pop isn't technically just pop music, it is just a broad term for all of the music, it includes all of the genres though - from indie to hip hop to rock to pop - whereas pop in American/English music is just that, pop music. Beyond that, as others have mentioned there is a far more rigorous process in order to get one's name out there - be it in a group or as a solo artist, and even that isn't guaranteed for success, look at groups like Topp Dogg, History, Michelle Lee - they all went through the crazy training and debuted but not a lot of people are talking about or know about them. They are put into terrible contracts where they don't get to see real profit until late into their careers; in America, some artists don't get to see profit until the second high selling song/album, but it's still far better than our idols (any information regarding BAP would help reference this, to cross reference I believe I heard Meghan Trainor didn't make any money off her popular song All About that Bass). As mentioned above, they sing and dance wonderfully, without taking away from the musical talent or experience, while many artists in this day and age in the pop culture are heavily auto-tuned and don't sound as good live/acoustic. Finally artists have been made to perform sick, injured, go on tour with such ailments, and this is often cancelled in the states. Beyond that, I would just say that there seems to be a greater diversity in the message in the songs and videos (positive body image in Just Right, social message about bullying with Nu'est debut song, GOD to my mother, Jay Park Mommae vs. My Last, 2ne1 Ugly, others here:; whereas a lot of American music is focused on getting together, breaking up, drugs, sex, and alcohol - it's harder and harder to find a song that doesn't have this content in it on the radio [not saying it doesn't exist, just hard to find it as a popular song compared to kpop songs]. This is all I have right now. If I come up with anything else, I'll be sure to add it. Good luck on your paper, if you need any help, I'm great with writing and would love to be any help I can. Also sorry for the long read ^^;
What surprises me is that they work really hard and actually sing live especially while dancing , also that it's completely normal to have a solo album in kpop while being in a band , meanwhile in America usually band memebers who have solo albums at solo artist that left the band , what people don't usually know about kpop is that ITS NOT ALL LIKE GANGMAN STYLE 馃槀 and kpop and kdramas do indeed help you learn the language ~Bryanna ,15, Arizona
my friend and I are 21, in Virginia (I'm soon to be in Florida and I buy cds/merch from a fan in Florida, don't know her age); when I get to a computer I'll message you some of my thoughts on the industry :)
@chenderella btw im from Mississippi and im 12
something that surprised me is how they have to go through intense training in order to be a soloist or in a group. one of the things I love is how idols interact with their fans and how they do variety shows so you can get to know them better.
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