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You've heard of women getting their pedicures before they go into labor and packing over night bags, but it's not everyday that you hear of women beating their face before they push another life out of their lower region. You may know her as makeupbyalaha on Instagram, known for her popular makeup looks, she put her talent to work while in the hospital bed.
After posting the picture to her social media page several of her followers questioned the flawless image, she replied: "I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed". I seriously, what woman can do a face full of makeup in between contractions. This goes to show just how powerful women are. What better image to surface the internet then one of a woman enjoying what she does best in the midst of giving life. We are celebrating all month long #WomensHistoryMonth.

Even her husband lends her a helping hand when the contractions get too bad.

Ladies, would you wear makeup while giving birth?

Better yet, would you do your makeup during contractions?
does she look bad without the makeup? it seems a bit excessive to me, when she kisses her newborn, wouldn't the makeup transfer onto the kid? I'm at awe that she's able to bear the pain and do makeup, but does that count as being strong? I dunno...
Absolutely not! I had makeup on when I gave birth to my daughter, but that's because we weren't expecting to be sent to the hospital, from the clinic, to be induced. On top of that, it was 3 day old makeup, because that's how long it took for her to come! I was miserable and immobile for about 90% of the time, and in no way would I have considered putting on makeup, especially when the real contractions came! But hey, good for her for working right through them... contraction pains are no joke!
No lol. Giving birth is not a cute experience, it's painstaking and painful. I would not be going through all of that just to be cute for a couple pictures.
Wow! Yeah I don't think I would do this. First thing I would be thinking is, let's get this kid out of my body 😂
@jordanhamilton It was a total of about 40 hours. They had to give me 3 different meds to induce me. They wanted her out, but she didn't wanna come out yet! I had preeclampsia, so carrying her any longer could've been bad for both of us. It was miserable, but well worth it in the end! ❤
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