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In a recent report ranking 157 countries on: social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity, and other key happiness factors it was discovered that Denmark is the world happiest country.
Following close behind was Sweden and Iceland.
The U.S. ranked #13.

So besides these "key factors" why is Denmark REALLY the happiest country...

Because they have signs like this all over.

Because legos were invented there. And this is what Legoland looks like in Denmark!

Because this is what their neighborhoods look like.

Because this guy lives there.

Because some of their crosswalks look like this.

Oh, and probably because they take care of their citizens.

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@nicolejb I believe that! I've read a bunch of studies that suggest that shorter work days make happier employees and better numbers too!
Give me that 33 hour work week omg
WHAT? 33 workhours per week? And free university? I'm moving there!
hmmmm, I'm thinking I may need to relocated. Denver hear I come!!!!! *runs to go pack bags*
I know right @shannonl5 @Animaniafreak and I feel like you could use all that time to exercise, or create art, or spend time with your family!! think of the possibilities of happiness!