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Over the past 24 hours, there has been a major rumor spreading about Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks. According to the rumor mill, Phil may be open to returning to coaching, and may take over the Knicks head coaching slot. The question is: Do they really want Phil running the team at this point in his career?
Carmelo was quick to shoot down those rumors. "Phil ain't coaching no more, let's kill that rumor," said Melo. "He's 70 years old, he don't want to not only deal with the game, but the strenuous schedule and mentally getting focused for games." The big issue with this situation that Phil is forcing coaches to use his Triangle scheme. No one really wants to use it, so what will the Knicks do? Melo says this isn't possible, but where there's smoke there's often fire.
Hahaha he's still going to get crushed by the Warriors!
I don't know why he's still obsessed with his Triangle scheme...that only worked with the Bulls because he had MJ and Scottie Pippen
That would kill the team even more....