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I consider myself a social person, for the most part. I like going out on weekends and seeing new places, meeting new people. While I do like flying solo sometimes for jaunts like that, I have to say I much prefer doing so with a bit of company. Maybe a wingman, or better even a small gaggle of folk, 3-4.
It gives you a comfort zone in new places, and it also gives you dynamics to bounce off of when meeting new people. Especially when it's a group of like-minded social beings.
In thinking about that for this Waifu Wednesday and its theme of harems (or Fairy Tail) I put together this small 'harem' (not really enough to be considered a harem) of ladies in anime I'd enjoy socializing with on weekends.

Momo Yaoyorozu - Boku No Hero Academia

Momo is a student at Yuuei Academy, the titular academy of Boku no Hero Academia. She's in class 1-A with protagonist Deku and the rest of the MCs. Her quirk is the ability to create any object from her own body.
She's used that quirk to some creative advantages so far in the manga, and I'd be interested to see the limits, if there are any. Plus, she's perfect to have around in a pinch, and she is steadily growing more vocal and confident in the manga and I'd love to see that more.

Chitoge Kirisaki - Nisekoi

Chitoge is the female protagonist of Nisekoi and Raku's fake girlfriend, though the fake thing might be more worrisome for her than she'd initally thought. She's trying to confirm the identity of the boy she made a promise with in her childhood to love always while coincidentally, Raku is trying to find the inverse.
Chitoge is a generally happy, bright person who seems like a bunch of fun to pal around with. She's talkative, though maybe not at first. Ice breaking could be my thing while carrying the conversation could be her bag.

Mayumi Nishikino - Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Mayumi is one of the tenants of the Kawai Complex from the anime The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior. She's unlucky with men and relationships, enjoys horror movies, and loves a good drink. She also has a habit of speaking bluntly and honestly.
I need at least one enthusiastic drinker in my weekend harem! Plus with the rest of the group here, maybe we could all band together to help her in finding a relationship!

That's my response for today's Waifu Wednesday!

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Good choices
omg I forgot about Chikoge!! she's so freakin cute!!