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If the first couple days of GDC are any indication, it seems like virtual reality is the theme of the conference. Yesterday, a Star Wars tech demo was released and it looks amazing. If you're a Star Wars nerd and not excited about this, then you're probably lying to yourself.
One of the things that all Star Wars nerds who also happen to be gamers dream about before they go to sleep is holding a lightsaber and whipping laser beams back at dumb stormtroopers. And since that'll never happen in real life, we think about experiencing it virtually.
And it looks like that might become a viable option.
There was a short trailer released yesterday that is just enough to get me really upset that I can't afford a VR Headset. I swear, I would buy one just to play a Star Wars related VR game.
It'd be really cool if there were different difficulty levels for the game, so you can test your reaction time. And as you get better at the game and react faster to the stormtroopers shooting at you, you'd probably feel like a real Jedi Knight.
I don't know when this is going to get released or if there's any more to it than just deflecting lasers but I'm going to watch this trailer a million more times and squee real hard under my breath.