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There's nothing like your favorite kpop artists Comebacks! It comes when you least expect it then that's when the feels hit you! xD
First up, VIXX! ☆☆☆ yass starlights it's happening!  They will be releasing a new album on April 29th!  Link: (Credit to Koreaboo )
On their official Twitter account   @ RealVIXX they post about it Link:
Day 6 (well Day 5 technically ) will be making a comeback at the end of March!!  I know it must have been hard for them to comeback with just the 5 of them :( but sadly we must go on. Please continue to support both ❤ Link: (Credit to Koreaboo )  
BTOB has been working on their new album and will be releasing their promotions at the end of March!  :) Link: (Credit to Koreaboo )
Red Velvet just make a comeback! They just released their MV 'One of These Nights' It's a beautiful sweet cool smooth  chilled song ❤ I love their voices it's golden!
Are you guys excited?! What are your thoughts? :) -Happy Wednesday! ❤ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
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who is gone in day 6?
2 years ago·Reply
apparently A.Cian is making a come back also they have a teaser. I'd don't know if you guys know of them
2 years ago·Reply
@StefaniTre I'm not familiar with them but I will relay it to the rest of the group. thank you for mentioning them! 😊😊 (🐳 Sky)
2 years ago·Reply
No problem
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