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Hey guys, back with more fantasy baseball updates to help everyone prep for your upcoming draft. David Price played great last year, and as a result he nabbed a monster Free Agent contract in Boston. The move made sense, as he was looking for a nice payday, and the Red Sox needed an ace badly. Will the move work out for everyone in the long run?
In 2015, David Price put up a stat-line of 18-5, 225k with a 2.45 ERA. The Toronto situation was PERFECT. They scored a boatload of runs, which helped improve his W-L record. Playing with that type of offense helps take a lot of pressure off a player. Boston isn't the offensive team that Toronto is, but they are still solid across the board. They have proven winners, and with Price as the ace, they should win more games this year. David's 2.25 ERA also was incredible. While I don't think he can maintain that level of play, I think he will still be very solid this year. I'll take him near the back end of the top 10-15 arms in baseball. What do you think? Nab or Pass on David Price
Well I'm sure he's going to be fine especially with the Green Monster. The only problem with the Red Sox is their batting.
Price...he's a great player for sure but I don't know how well he'll do with the Red Sox. Their offense looks weak.
I would def tale Price any day. One of my favorite players of all time!