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This is supposedly the schedule for VIXX. It looks like they will be super packed! I hope they get rest between everything and after all of this. VIXX taglist: @lilbr0wneyes @resavalencia @twistedPuppy @EmilyPeacock @kpopandkimchi @IsoldaPazo @TesneemElAlami @KristinaCaron Squad: @Helixx @BBxGD @KwonOfAKind @catchyacrayon @lovetop
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Ravi can have his R.EBIRTH concert in my living room and then he can have my bed for some much needed rest. I will take care of him. No worries.
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omg *sends them energy and snacks*
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VIXX en Mexico!!! 馃槃馃槅馃槏馃槞馃構鈾♀櫋
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wow, Leo has his musical like back to back. I wish him and the rest well wishes to take care of themselves and get plenty of rest
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Vixx fighting!
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