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If you aren't aboard the Hamilton train, you better get on now. Lin-Manual Miranda is probably the most interesting, charismatic, and interesting guy.
This week he appeared at the White House for a day with the Obamas. The whole cast performed, learned, and rapped. Lin-Manuel was challenged by President Obama in a rap of epic proportions.

Here's a full video of the freestyle rap.

But hey, if anyone can rap about history and politics it's Lin.

In addition to just being fabulous at rapping, Miranda is truly a collaborator. After the successful writing of Hamilton the musical (which is pretty dang rap-inspired) he has been collaborating and working with Roots' Questlove to create: The Hamilton Mixtape.
Who's going to be on the mixtape?
So far, Busta Rhymes, Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, Latifah, Common, Chance the Rapper, and others

Why is Lin-Manuel the coolest person ever??

@nicolejb I only started listening to the soundtrack recently. But it's soooo good omg
@MarvelTrashcan makes me happy too :D how long have you been a Hamilton fan??
@shannonl5 yaaaaaaasssss. This makes me so happy.
Ugh, me too @shannonl5. Even his really old stuff (In the Heights mostly) @MarvelTrashCan let's be friends!! :D
@MarvelTrashcan that's exactly how I got into it too!! because the music is SO DANG GOOD
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