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“Tomorrow Boy” tells the tale of a handsome, young patriarch who lives on for tomorrow even in the midst of adversity. N will play said young patriarch, Ahn Tae Pyung, who has lost both his parents, and is in charge of taking care of his grandmother along with his four younger siblings. Despite his circumstances, Ahn Tae Pyung has a strong conviction and is energetic, while he pursues his studies and earns money for his family." For info on what's in the intro please check out the card by @kpopandkimchi (It's clipped in my VIXX collection)
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yep gonna be a good one can't wait
2 years ago·Reply
@lilbr0wneyes me neither I hope I don't get disappointed like CTT did to me
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yay!! can't wait 😄
2 years ago·Reply
MEEEEEEEEE!!!! So excited, I'm still haven't gotten over watching Jongin's ChocoBank, he was sooooooooo good in it 😍😍
2 years ago·Reply