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Day 66 of the 250k transformation challenge So yesterday at around 9pm I was starting to get hungry again. The old me would have went out and gotten Mexican food or fast food. Instead, I ended up making a smoothie with fruits and spinach... I was still hungry so I ended up eating all the fruits in the bag. Fast forward 2 hours I was still hungry. I usually go on food binges at night but I know that I can't be doing that anymore and I have a goal and purpose in mind. I ended up eating some chicken and rice. That kind of did the trick, but if you know me, I love food and I love to eat. The only way out was to go to sleep.. This is my typical struggle. I eat like a madman and I don't get full easily. Especially if it's night time, I can't sleep on an empty stomach. Honestly, I think I'm getting waaaaay to skinny and as soon as this is over I'm going to eat and bulk, but at the same time try to maintain lean. Can it be done? Only one way to find out.. I'll still be doing daily progress videos but ultimately I'd like to be over 165 lbs. That's my preferred weight. How did I lose weight? With the aggressive fat loss program: http://udskam.xyz
ima be like you @udskam when i grow up!
@alywoah Yea I've tried everything.. I'm the guy in the group of friends that can out eat anybody. Carbs don't get me full like most people, I can eat sushi rolls like popcorn, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes you name it... I actually got to 180 lbs by eating for 6 months straight of whatever I wanted, while still exercising in the morning. I was out of shape and I had a beer belly without drinking beer. I'm what you call skinny fat. I never want to get to that body ever again. I guess the more I talk about it, the more I realize the consequences if I don't control it. That's usually why I'm always in the bulking mindset, to justify eating. That's why my next goal is to gain lean muscle mass while maintaining a thin waist.
I know it's hard for me to get full sometimes, but foods like potatoes really hit that spot. Do you eat potatoes?