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I've been having a hard time finding Sazón (specifically the GOYA brand), so I ordered 3 jumbo packs from Amazon. In just two business days, these beautiful things were snuggling in a big brown box at my doorstep.
If you use Sazón , you understand how important these things are (along with Adobo, duh).
Anyway I am so freaking happy to have these! I was on my last Sazón packet a few days ago and I was having a mini panic attack. Thank goodness for the internet! Looks like I will be making a vegan pastelón soon. :)
@LAVONYORK yeah I rely on those seasonings!!! I am glad I got a bunch of Sazon though
I was happy until I found out they have Aspartame in them, a really nasty chemical bad for humans! careful peeps
@marshalledgar YES! Preach!
@marshalledgar it's the most perfect thing. It's the only seasoning i use every day lol.
Life without Goya's Sazon: IMPOSSIBLE!
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