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Clinton had a big win yesterday, securing another four states in the primaries.
So she gave a nice speech, thanking everyone for their support.

And what does she get in return?

Reporters bashing her on her appearance. Especially Joe Scarborough, NBC news radio talk show host who told her to "smile."

Fox News’ Brit Hume and Howard Kurtz also cared to comment on Hillary's presence.

Luckily some awesome ladies also took to social media to respond to the reporters...

Samantha Bee and Cecile Strong got it right.

Whether you like Hillary Clinton's politics or not, telling a woman to "smile" is totally disrespectful to her. It diminishes her accomplishments and states that women shot. Women do not have to be happy bubbly smiley rays of sunshine to be successful and to get their message across. We don't expect that of men.
I'm sure she didn't appreciate being told that.

Women: Have you ever been told to "smile"?

@nicolejb lol something like that....
Something along the lines of a particular finger up? Maybe one on each hand? @shannonl5
lol yup and usually my response is.... not suitable for vingle