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In all great honesty, you had told your parents that you didn't want to be in the house, or that you didn't want to stay because they were forcing you to stay. You were always the "child" of the family; you have very over-protective parents even though you are 20 years old and able to take care of yourself and didn't need to depend on them anymore, as well as eager enough to have a boyfriend. But they never really hear your soulful speeches about being an adult like them and finally get to experience life even more and living by yourself, actually, they just hear it but never pay attention because of their stubbornness. There were those times when you wanted to run away from home but you were always cautious about being cought red-handed, scolded or even grounded and unable to leave the house for months. You've faced these problems before but never in your lonesome life have you been grounded, so you had keen hearing when you're getting yelled at to make sure the "you're grounded" words don't come out of their mouths. It was at this precise moment, the moment of a life time when you sneak out of your house for the 28th time in a year and able to explore the city lights, buldings, cafes, parks and shopping centers even more. Despite your cautious sneakiness, you had a weakness and that was smiling everytime you were asked if you were lying and too many times has that habit gotten you in big trouble. There was one park you always loved to go to on your pretty adventures: Seoul Blooming Park (made up lol). There was a bench there which you liked very much because it wasn't outside where the sidewalk was, more into the trees entering a small-like forest covered with pink blossoms. You always liked going to this park because it's where you cried out your anger, read in peace and listened to music with no one, especially your parents, bothering you. No one sat on that bench because they find it boring and a lonely place to be at, but really, to you it was like a second home; sure it didn't have a bed or a living room or even a bathroom but you loved that bench like a real person. Sometimes, you would write things down on the bench like deep quotes or your name or even a drawing. Tonight, you left at 12:41 in the morning; the perfect time to leave because you knew your parents would be asleep and unable to hear your movements, just like your soulful speeches about adulthood. You walk around thinking that you'll finally be able to let out today's anger and frustration but sadly and surprisingly you see 7 souls sitting on that bench with their heads leaned against each other's shoulders and only 6 of them had their eyes opened. They were very close to each other and you think they are best friends or something. To your surprise, again, they were guys; it was mostly men who didn't like sitting on that bench because they thought it was ment for girls to hang out and be girly so you were astonished that 7 of them were able to fit on a small bench. You go over to the bench, to at least make real friends...... but something about them didn't seem right.