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Til' Death Do Us Part.

Those five words can be rather intense. If you've ever gone to a wedding with the person you're in a relationship with then you probably know just how awkward it can be. From the guests constantly assure you that your time is coming soon to the weird stares you get from your significant other, the pressure is definitely put on you.
This event can either make or break your relationship depending on what your future plans may be with this specific person. While marriage might be on your brain heavy, enjoy the moment and the two people you came to celebrate. If you've ever been in this situation or might find yourself in this particular situation in the near future, keep scrolling and check out the weird thoughts all couples have at weddings.

Have you ever attended a wedding with an unwed significant other?

Is this video accurate when it comes to thoughts?
Luckily my bf and I have the same opinion on weddings as far as the whole event part of it goes only some of this applies to us haha
It's fun to kinda imagine what it would be like @jordanhamilton, I think I'm more excited about marriage then the whole wedding. but I have so much time! haha
Well that's definitely a plus! @sophiamor
oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one, so am I. I've been thinking about it lately [oddly] for some reason and it's definitely going to be a day worth remembering whenever it happens @nicolejb
I am SUCH a crier at weddings!! haha I don't really think about marriage myself (yet), but it's sun to celebrate!
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