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Ch. 13
The months passed by quickly Key and Tae were busy with their schedules and you were busy with work. Tae rarely if ever answered your texts, Key always answered he even made sure to facetime call you. It was hard but you didn’t feel alone.
“Hey baby, how are you doing tonight?” Key asks.
“I’m tired, all snuggled up in bed. How are you doing honey.” You reply.
“About to finish up, I’ll be there as soon as I can okay. Don’t wait up though try and sleep.” Key sends a wink emoji. You smile and place the phone on your bedside table. You try and go to sleep but can’t the thought of going to sleep alone scares you a little bit. Your texting with your boyfriend and he’s supposed to come home, but your still scared something might happen. You wonder if you will ever be able to get over the trauma.
You toss and turn in your bed, finally you just sit up grabbing your phone. No more texts from Key, but Tae finally replied to your last text.
“Sorry girl, been hella busy lately with promoting the latest single. It’s called I need U, check it out.” Tae posted a link to the song. You couldn’t help but feel like it was an automated text or something. But you clicked the link and was surprised to see a video of just Tae.
“Hey Y/N, surprise!! I thought I would sing this song personally for you. I hope you don’t mind.” Tae winks and starts singing, his voice is so deep and beautiful it makes your eyes fill with tears. When the song ends the video stops, your crying and you feel a pain in your chest. And when you’re about to put your phone down it rings. It’s Tae calling you.
“Hello.” You say with as strong of a voice as you can manage.
“Hey girl, I see you saw the text I wanted to hear your thoughts on this song?” Tae asks quickly like he’s nervous you’re going to rip him apart.
“It’s a beautiful sad song Tae, your voice is amazing.” You sniff wiping your nose on your sleeve.
“Are you crying?” Tae asks.
“No, no I’m not crying.’ You lie knowing good and well you can’t hide it very well.
“Okay, well if you say so I’m gonna believe ya. Oh yeah why are you still up it’s late?” Tae asks
“Can’t sleep, I’m alone and Key isn’t home yet.” You respond without thinking. Tae’s voice changes.
“Oh, yeah right Key..” Tae replies. You can hear the change in his mood when you mentioned Key’s name.
“Hey Tae, can I ask you something?” you say.
“You asked me something,” Tae replies with a small laugh. You know he was trying to make a joke but failing.
“You can’t be in love with me, I’m nothing special. I really don’t want to lose you as a friend. But lately I feel like your avoiding me on purpose.” You say letting it all out before he could stop you.
“No no, that’s not it, like I said before I’ve been really busy. Hey you wanna hang out sometime this weekend?” Tae asks. You think about it for a moment.
“Yeah sure let’s hang out this weekend.” You reply. Tae’s voice changes to a happier tone and you smile.
“Great, well hey you need to get to sleep, once you go to sleep Key will show up and before you know it its morning and you wake up with him next to you.” Tae says.
“ugh, that was a little too mushy for my taste. Anyway GET SOME SLEEP GIRLY!!” Tae acts like a brother. You nod and say yes and hang up the phone. You were glad that his voice sounded better at the end of the call but knew better. You place your phone back on the night stand and roll over to sleep.
You were snoring and didn’t budge an inch when Key finally came home. Key looked at you lovingly and noticed your phone was lighting up with a text message. He looks at your messages and see’s the one Tae sent you. Clicking on the link and watching the song reading Tae’s face. Key felt a bit jealous. But he quickly shakes that out of his head he knew you would mention it to him tomorrow or something, you never kept secrets from each other. At least he hoped that was the case he couldn’t really remember if that was true.
Key quickly changes out of his clothes, just in his pj bottoms he climbs into bed with you and wraps his arms around you. Kissing on your arm, your back. You start to stir, he didn’t want to wake you so he stopped but he whispered in your ear that he loved you and you moan in response.
The next morning you find yourself waking up next to your angel. You watch as he sleeps you take your left hand and brush the hair away from his face. You wonder how lucky you were to be able to call this person yours. You jerk back as Tae’s face pops up in your mind. You have no idea where that came from. Why would you think of Tae? This hasn’t been the first time it’s happened. Your still tired you thought and you try to go back to sleep but can’t and before you know it you hear a voice.
“Why are you staring at me while I’m sleeping?” Key asks as he opens one eye and smiles at you.
“I wasn’t staring at you.” You reply, Key laughs
“Yeah okay you’ve been staring at me for the last 10 minutes.” Key says as your eyes get wide.
“How did you know you were sleeping!” you say. Key moans and stretches before he wraps his arms around you and pulls you close. Your head is laying on his chest and his chin is resting on your head. You can hear is heartbeat. So you confirmed you’re not dreaming and he did make it home safely you could relax now.
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*sigh* hmm...Key...Tae?! Tae seems to be slowly creeping up into her heart. Getting good! hehe!