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I am at a loss.. my mom supports me in going to LA for KCON, I am continuing to save up for this trip, but my friends who I asked if they wanted to go (who said yes at first) will not respond to me now when I want to start planning. I have never planned a trip for myself.. ever! If anyone who has can help me out? I'm already looking into cars to rent, looking at expenses trying to add it up, but it's just me and scared if my friends bailed then who do I have to go with? I live in a small town down here in Texas so to be going to LA will be a great culture shock to me and want to share these memories. OK. Head hurts a little less. If anyone got to know me you would know I like to plan ahead to make sure things go as planned (as well as a Plan B, C, and D). I'm just really excited about this event lol I promise I'm not weird!! And really just wanted to post a pic of Sunggyu but this went a whole different direction than when I first opened this app..
that's amazing though lol!
oh gosh! a cross country trip??
I'm going to la kcon! But I'm in NorCal haha :)