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This song is my whole life currently. I can't get enough of it, This ballad and that small little breakdown(you know what I'm talking about) just gets me in that mood to just chill and body-roll like JREKML. This MV itself was beautiful and pleasing to the eye. They all look so good even though Yeri barely got any screen time.
I'm glad to see the mature or as other people like to call it "velvet" side of Red Velvet. It really suits them! What are your thoughts on the video??
I love it so much. Honestly. Because I never really got to know RV, concept wise, I've been playing this album and their previous album/mini albums all day. I'm hooked. Although, I think I have slightly more love for their "Velvet" side tho.
@cindystran Don't forget....Its so good!! Tell me what you think of it when you do
Forgot my headphones at home so I'll listen to this at home! So excited!