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I know I am late with this, but it's been 6 amazing months with these loveable dorks who completely destroyed me.
They have been so busy since they finally debuted. For a lot of us we have been following them for a lot longer than 6 months since we have been here since Win era others since mix and match.
I supported team b it was seriously heartbreaking when they lost, and I cried a lot during mix and match as well I am so happy and proud that they have finally debuted.
It wasn't until they debuted that they completely stole my heart even though I always supported them and loved them I was too obsessed with infinite at the time.
As you all know my favorites are June and Jinhwan. They destroy me and I can't handle the feels but can never get enough of them either.
I am so proud of you boys! I am looking forward to your future! As always I am proud to say I'm an Ikonic ♡♡♡♡♡
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Card 4 omg!!